Dirt Racer - Super Nintendo

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Komplett med box och manual

Dirt Racer is an Europe-exclusive video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System; which was released in 1994. This game uses the Super FX chip to provide enhanced graphics.

Players must drive their dirt track racing vehicle across a road rally. The car comes complete with a speedometer (in kilometres), a lap counter, and a lap time counter. There are a pre-determined number of chances to complete the game, like in Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. If the player is unable to defeat the game in those number of tries, then the player gets an automatic game over. A yellow smiley face shows up to track the performance of the driver. If its smiling, then the player is winning. Otherwise, the player is losing the game.

OBS. Bilden är endast en illustration, motsvarar inte alltid den exakta varan du får. Om inget annat anges är spelet på engelska.