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    Mad Catz kontroll för Android och PC

    eliazz | Betyg: 4,8 Imorgon 17:43
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    Gummin NEC PC Engine PI-PD6 Kontroll

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    Gummin NEC PC Engine PI-PD002 Kontroll

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    Gummin NEC PC Engine PI-PD001 Kontroll

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    Gamepad Joystick För Android / Apple Läsplattor

    Webmasters | Betyg: 4,8 Fast pris
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    Gamepad Joystick För Android / Apple Läsplattor

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    Steam controller (för PC & Mac)

    JonasV | Betyg: 5 Imorgon 18:11
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    Datorspel, 22 st. PC- spel och Playstation

    Antikvariat BOKRUTAN | Betyg: 4,9 Fast pris
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    Spelratt med pedaler för PS2/PS3/PC svart

    vidaXL | Betyg: 4,8 Fast pris
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Mad Catz kontroll för Android och PC

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Knappt använd kontroll. Kan användas till Androidtelefoner och PC. Medföljer en mobilhållare som skruvas fast på kontrollen, väldigt stabil och bra vid spel på mobilen. Drivs av två batterier som ska räcka för ca 30 timmars spelande. Kartong medföljer.

Console-Grade Control for Mobile Gaming and PC

Ditch touch controls for analog sticks, shoulder and action buttons, and a responsive d-pad. Mad Catz’ cross-platform C.T.R.L.R is always ready for a game, no matter how and where you like to play your favorites.

The Ideal Multiplatform Wireless Gamepad

C.T.R.L.R stems from over 20 years of experience making some of the world’s best console controllers. Link to Bluetooth PCs and laptops, Fire TV, Google Nexus and other smartphones, plus Android-fueled gear. C.T.R.L.R plays nicely with just about everything. And, three distinct modes let you select the control method that makes the most of your connected device. Enhance your mobile gaming experience with C.T.R.L.R, whether at home or on-the-go.

Mobile Gaming Made Better

Full-Size Gamepad with Console-Quality Feel and PrecisionWireless GameSmart Technology Connects to Most Bluetooth DevicesXInput Support on PC and Steam Big PictureBuilt-In Controls Streamline Multimedia NavigationDetachable, Adjustable Travel Clip Mounts Your Mobile Device Atop C.T.R.L.R


Ready for Windows 10 and Steam Big Picture

Love to play Steam games on the TV in your living room? A whole new generation of PC games have controller input at their heart. C.T.R.L.R is ideal, thanks to standard PC protocols and XInput* support! XInput isn’t just the preferred format for Steam’s Big Picture mode, it’s also a firm standard for controlling Windows 10 games.

*XInput support requires a simple firmware update for certain C.T.R.L.R versions.


Bring Your Mobile World to Life on Your HDTV

Chances are you already use a mobile phone or tablet for gaming, streaming, shopping, and staying connected on social media. Add a separately available PlayBig & Charge Pack to do it all, on the biggest screen in the house. The pack includes an HDMI adapter cable that links your mobile device to your HD or 4KTV. Transform your smartphone into a gaming and media console to enjoy amazing content on the widescreen.


3 Modes = Total Control

Three modes give you total mastery over your Android-powered content. GameSmart mode is for playing games and controlling Android devices. This mode operates smartphones, tablets, and our M.O.J.O. Micro-Console. PC mode gives you utmost control in games played on your computer. And, Mouse mode gives C.T.R.L.R the ability to perform like a mouse. When set to this mode, you can easily navigate Bluetooth devices with the gamepad’s left analog stick and action buttons.


Built-In Multimedia Commands

A super-convenient set of buttons – right on the face of the controller – adds remote-control functionality. Easily start and stop playback of a movie, jump to the next song, and make quick volume adjustments.


Create a Personal Handheld Gaming Device

C.T.R.L.R provides the means to attach your device to the top of the controller. A detachable and adjustable phone clip lets you play anywhere. Secure your phone to C.T.R.L.R to play mobile games as you would on a console.

*Minimum device width = 2.3 inches (58.6mm); maximum device width = 3.17 inches (80.5mm).