Grade: 3

BodyMaterial: Brass
Finish: Chrome

ShackleMaterial: Case-hardened boron steel
Finish: Chrome
Diameter: 8mm
Vertical Clearance: 50mm
Horizontal Clearance: 25mm

Number of Discs: 11

Key removable in locked position

ABLOY PROTEC features long lasting legal and physical protection against unauthorised key duplication, a full metal, colour coded key with a lifetime warranty against breakage in normal use, and the recognised ABLOY attributes of physical security and durability.

ABLOY PROTEC is SCEC Endorsed for Secure Area Applications. The strong, one-piece metal key ensures against expensive on-going key replacement, and the absence of pins and springs provides unmatched resistance to wear and corrosion of internal parts. ABLOY products are built to last.


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