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Triax DVB 75 SI (silver)

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1x CI, 1x Viaccess Cardreader, OpenTV, Modem, 3000 Channels, 4-digit Display, 2x SCART, 2x Audio, DiSEqC 1.0/1.2, Modulator, SU via RS-232/Sat, Power 30 W (Stand-by 7 W), Size: 340×60x247 mm, Weight 2.5 kg

Detailed Description: Triax DVB 75 SI -

Open TV EN2
Embedded Viaccess 1.1 CA with card reader
Viaccess IPPV (Viasat Ticket) in approval.
Canal Digital KIOSK support
1 x Common Interface Slot
Builtin modem for return channel
Powerfull Triax EPG and timers
Softwareupgrade via satellite
3MB Flash ROM
PLL-Modulator (Ch. 21-69)
4 favourite TV and Radio Lists

Technology Digital
Front-end type Satellite
Common Interface Slots 1 x
Embedded Common Access System CAS VIACCESS
Power supply
Input Voltage 180 - 250 VAC
Power Supply type Switch Mode
Power Consumption < 30
Power Supply Standby consumption < 7
Physical specifications
Dimensions 370 x 210 x 65
Weight 2,2
Front end - channel decoder
Input frequency range 950 - 2150 MHz
Input level -65 to -25
Noise Figure (Max.) 12
IF input connector F type, female
Input Impedance 75
Tuning step size +/- 3
Aquisition frequency uncertainty +/- 3
Demodulation shaped QPSK
Symbol Range 2...32 Mbauds
FEC Coding conc. Viterbi and Reed-Solomon
Viterbi rates 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, auto (K=7)
Signal Threshold C/N less than 6dB
LNB control
DiSEqC Control DiSEqC 1,0 and 1.2
LNB Current 400 mA
LNB Voltage 14 to 18 VDC
LNB power at standby on/off
Demultiplexing according to ISO 13818-1
Memory capacity
Memory Flash ROM 3
Memory EEPROM 1
Video decoding
Video decoding MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 compatible up to main profile@mail level
Format Conversion PAL
Frame Rate 25
Aspect Ratio 4:3 / 16:9
Video Format 720 x 576
Screen Format Control automatic
Audio decoding
Sound Modes main, dual, stereo
Sampling Frequency 32kHz, 44,1kHz, 48kHz and half
AC-3 streaming
AC-3 streaming via S/PDIF
Audio output parameter analog
Analog Audio Output Level 0,5
Analog Audio Output Impedance 600
Analog Audio Output THD more than 60
Analog Audio Output S/N more than 60
Analog Audio Output Cross talk less than -65
Audio input parameter analog
Analog Audio Input Level 0,5
Analog Audio Input Impedance higher than 40
Audio output digital - SP/DIF
Output level 0,5 Vpp at 75
Connectors phono
Sampling Frequency 32 kHz, 44,1 kHz, 48 kHz
Video output parameter
Outputs CVBS, RGB and S-VHS
Output level 1 Vpp +/- 0,3 dB at 75
Signal/Noise > 60
Video input parameter
Inputs RGB and CVBS
Input level 0,7Vpp +/-1Vpp at 75
Teletext demultiplexing according to ETS 300 472
Teletext type compliant to ITU-R BT.652-2
TV-scart connector
TV/SCART Connector YC output
TV/SCART Connector Audio Left output
TV/SCART Connector Audio Right output
TV/SCART Connector Functions TV on/off, 16:9/4:3
TV/SCART Connector Fast Blanking RGB on/off
VCR-scart connector
VCR/SCART Connector YC output/input
VCR/SCART Connector Audio Left output/input
VCR/SCART Connector Audio Right output/input
VCR/SCART Connector Functions no VCR, 16:9/4:3
VCR/SCART Connector Fast Blanking recording, RGB on/off
Audio-Cinch out
Connectors L+R output
Serial Data port
PC-Interfacetype RS232, bidirectional
PC-Interface speed up to 115,2
PC-Interface Functions software and channellist update
PC-Interface Connector 9 pin D-SUB
Smart card reader
Smart-card readers 1 x Viaccess
Input UHF channel 21-69
Outputs 47 - 862
Standards PAL B/G, I
Display LED, 4 digits, 7 segment
Front panel keys
Front panel keys standby, channel up, channel down
Modem Type V22/V22bis
Modem Connector RJ11 plug
Modem Dialling type CTR-21 dialtone
LNB power supply
LNB Current 400 mA max
LNB Voltage Vertical < 14 VDC, > 11,5 VDC
LNB Voltage Horisontal < 20 VDC > 17,2 VDC
LNB power at standby on/off
Tone frequency 22
Remote control system
Remote Control Keys According to Viasat requirements
Remote Control-Modulation 36
Remote Control-Wavelength 950
Remote Control-Type RC-5, system 10
OSD languages
OSD Languages 13 languages
Preprogramming danish, swedish, norwegian, VIASAT and german lists
Software features
Control Task Viasat
Conditional Access Embedded Viaccess
No of channels max. 4000
Functions KIOSK, Viasat Ticket (IPPV, currently in approval)
Number of active positions 4 fixes, up to 20 with rotor
Search Mode all scan, satellite scan, transponder scan
Subtitling via Teletext selectable language on pay-TV channels
User Manual danish, swedish, finnish, english
Remote Control RC75