Higher Elevations, The - The Protestant Work Ethic - CD

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The Higher Elevations are a Swedish quartet on a German label, with a very British sound. The Protestant Work Ethic is packed with melodic & power-driven songs, with a nod to the mod revivalist/post punk sound of the late 70s. It?s not all about the retro though: what they do is definitely their own, essentially due to singer Niklas Gustafsson?s unique voice; full of attitude and complimenting the energy created by his band. A definite winner.

Track listing:
1. Breaking The News
2. European Holiday
3. Streetlights
4. Nights And Days
5. The Lighthouse
6. In Place
7. Saturday Night Out Again
8. Long Journey
9. Outskirts Of Town
10. Piano Interlude
11. The Paperback
12. Better Times City Nights (for the Goth Kids)
13. The Children's Courtyard
14. A Lesson Learned