Here it is ! - the debut album by AUNT NELLY.

Mod blue- eyed soul, featuring ex members of The Clique, The Bresslaws and The Effectives.

The sound is embedded in the 60´s and best described as driving bass and drums which gives some tracks a solid northern soul stomp. Plus there is a bluesy hammond and funky psychedelic guitar. So with an amalgamation of 60´s soul, R&B and psychedelica it provide everything you need to make your presence felt on the dancefloor.

Recorded fully analogue at Ranscombe Studios (Graham Day,Billy Childish, Len Price 3).

Track listing:
1 Day Tripper
2 You're Gonna Beg
3 Love & A Woman
4 Dna Groove
5 Never Gonna Sleep At Night
6 Bring It Down Troat
7 Rescue Me
8 Get Off My Track
9 Knocking At My Back Door
10 The Faker
11 Waiting For Alex
12 Sunlight
13 Smile