Up for sale, MATCHED PAIR - triode - pentode 6GH8A - premium quality, low noise and low microphony

Direct substitute for 6GH8 * ECF82 * 6EA8 * 6EA8A * 6U8

Also substitute for 7119 (different pinout) * 5GH8A (heater different) * 9GH8A (heater different)

Made by EI (Elektronska Industrija) - former Yugoslavia

Long lifespan - Low noise

BRAND NEW - MATCHED and TESTED - comes from bulk box so no individual packing

Matched quads are also available - ask for pricing and availability

What you see is what you get

Please note: The item is located in Belgrade - Serbia and will be shipped via Air Mail

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Lör 10 aug 12:59

EI 6GH8A - former Yugoslavia - MATCHED PAIR excellent low noise audio TUBE - NOS


149 kr


Belgrade, Serbien




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