Humanity Delete´s second album, the retail-unfriendly titledFuck Forever Off, was a great piece of death metal. Almost threeyears on, Werewolves In The Iron Sky is an absolutely magnificentfollow-up. This is dark and slow death metal with some intensivegroove metal riffs that provides both extreme heaviness and melody.Listen to the opening title track, which must be among the besttracks the band has ever done. The production is thick. Rogga hasperfected the sound of amazingly heavy yet articulated guitars anda surprisingly present bass and with huge drums. The mix is clearand balanced and the songs have enough variation to make the albumflow nicely although this is heavy and dense Death Metal. You can´tdeny the fact that this is (obviously) influenced by the NWOSDM,but Rogga has a very different approach to composing and songstructuring which sets his style apart from the hundreds of clonesout there. So, for all your heavy, mid paced and raw Death Metalneeds, go get "Werewolves In The Iron Sky".

Track list:
1. Werewolves In The Iron Sky
2. I Grip Your Heart
3. Fur (Fur Immer)
4. Merge With The Beast
5. Prototype Metal Claw
6. Werewolf Reich
7. Conjure The Moon
8. Lunar Rites
9. Werewolf Reich II

Condition cover: nm

Condition cd: nm

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