From the beginning of Epitaph to theend of Revelations, this is Litany and more. Where some of thetracks on Litany were too short, too fast, or just plain boring,Revelations redoes it, sets aside fast riffs and pulls out fairlymore technical, slower ones that end a whole lot heavier. Thesoloing, likewise, isn´t just a speedy little on-the-fly thing,they´re generally not all that long, but alot deeper and nicer tohear. The drumming gets revamped, the double bass seems to beproduced the same, except for the fact that in some tracks, it getsused quite a bit more, in a Bolt Thrower style. Blasting is seen abit less, and everything is bettered again. Vocally, there´s noreal change and the songs are a good bit longer, as stated moretechnical in almost every way, and overall a hell of a lot betterthan on Litany. For sheer enjoyment, Litany DOES probably topRevelations, but this is a bit more casual. This album´s a realkeeper, especially for those who didn´t really find much enjoymentin Litany´s odd time styling.

Track list:
1. Epitaph
2. The Nomad
3. Wolftribe
4. Whisper
5. When Darkness Calls
6. Torch Of War
7. The Code
8. Lukewarm Race
9. Revelation Of Black Moses

Condition cover: nm

Condition cd: nm

Tänk på att frakten blir billigare per vara ju fler du köper (sevåra fraktvillkor för en portotabell). Så se mina övriga annonser,kanske hittar du något mer

Skick gradering:

M (mint)/NM (near mint) = Nyskick/Mycket bra exemplar
EX (excellent) = Mycket fin och välvårdad
VG+ (very good +) = Bra skick, normalanvänd skiva
VG (very good) = Sliten men spelar ändå bra
G (good) = Väldigt sliten skiva som kan hacka
+/- = mindre skillnader inom graderingsområdet


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