Rage -Gib dich nie auf LP Limited Spanish 6-track vinyl 2009

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Artist Rage
Title Gib Dich Nie Auf
Format LP
Label Black Sleeves
Release Year 2009
Country Spain
CatalogueNumber BLACK 101LP
Limited vinyl

Rage are that stick in the mud when it comes to heavy metal from Germany, they have been around the block a number of times and it is highly unlikely that your path will not have crossed with Rage sometime in the past. As most of you will be familiar, Rage play a modern and very heavy form of power metal with vocals that, contrary to the power metal genre, isn't a Rob Halford sound-a-like but a grittier voice from Peavy Wagner, still singing all the way of course. This EP was released shortly after the ‘Carved In Stone’ album in 2009.

Track listing:
1. Gib Dich Nie Auf-german version of Never Give Up
2. Vollmond-german version of Full Moon
3. Never Give Up-english version of Gib Dich Nie Auf
4. Terrified-from Nuclear Blast Allstars album ‘Into The Light’
5. Lord Of The Flies-orchestral version
6. Home-re-recorded version of Victor Smolski instrumental song ‘Longing’

Condition cover: nm

Condition record: nm

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