Hicks Kinison (Napalm Death/Brujeria) -Devou LP sludge grind

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Artist Hicks Kinison (Napalm Death/Brujeria)
Title Devour Their Hearts
Format LP
Label Night Of The Vinyl Dead
Release Year 2015
Country Italy
Print Limited 250 copies
CatalogueNumber NIGHT 198
Devour Their Hearts is the first ever officially released material by the band Hicks Kinison, a band that defines themselves as oppressive sludge grind. Hicks Kinison was born in 2013 and features some well known members such as AK (from Brujeria) on guitars, Shane Embury (Napalm Death and Brujeria) on bass, Roel Klomp (Born From Pain) on drums and Sofia M L (from Vace Solis and Lodge) on vocals. This material was issued with licence from the band on vinyl only by Night Of The Vinyl Dead. Since it was a limited run of 250 numbered copies only (100 for Usa and 150 for Europe) in a unique handmade packaging in recycled paper it went as fast as lightning.

Track listing:
1. Nevoas
2. The Price
3. Poisonous Words
4. Infection
5. Mirrors
6. Malocchio
7. Night Goat
8. This Life Is A Lie
9. Self-Inflicted Wounds
10. Devour Their Hearts And Turn Them Into Beasts
11. Ecce Occident Lux

Condition cover: nm

Condition record: nm

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