Electric Frankenstein - Burn Bright, Burn Fast CD

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There are only so many ways that you can skin a rock 'n' roll band. Add too much tempo and distortion and you've turned metal; play your instruments shoddily and you're quickly dubbed punk.
Electric Frankenstein has figured out a way to appeal to both the metal and the punk crowds, while steadfastly straddling the rock 'n' roll fence.
What might have once been a garage-rock science project has consumed its creators, becoming the embodiment of energetic rock 'n' roll.
There's plenty of Electric Frankenstein material to choose from, but Burn Bright, Burn Fast is a great place to start (or continue) your personal horror show.

Track listing:
01 Burn Bright, Burn Fast
02 Everybody's Dead Again
03 Fired Up for Action
04 Gone to the Other Room
05 Spit It Out!
06 Just for You
07 Hey! (Kiss Your Life Goodbye)
08 New World Whore
09 Life in Rewind
10 Electric Misery
11 Rock City Rocks
12 Talk, Talk
13 Moving Targets
14 Candy-O

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