Trollkarlen pussel boks box vacker blå trä magi mystisk med hemliga facket

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I present you a new and very popular wooden toy , it is both for children and adults. Everybody loves it. Children love it for the fact that they can hide something in, their small secrets, and adults love them because many like the concept that is a book, but it is something different. Unusual . Unseen before.

This item is entirely from wood, and entirely handmade and handcarved by a talented handcrafter. It is lacquered for having a shiny , smooth and nice aspect, and for a long –lasting use.

You can open it like you see on the pictures. You push the left side down, and then, from the above part, you slide to the left, and there you have a secret compartment where you can put exactly what you want.

The exterior sizes are 16,5 cm x 11,5 cm x 3,7 cm.

The price is for one book.