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Issue 52 AUG/SEPT 2010

The Chap's August-September issue attempts to gain its sea legs by covering all things nautical while swigging from a bottle o'rum:

* Arbuthnot & Slipper examine the life and crimes of the gentleman pirate
* Some photographs of chaps and chapettes on a vintage yacht
* The auspicious beginnings of men's magazines such as Apparel Arts and Esquire
* The superlative wardrobe of Grace Kelly as pportrayed in an exhibition at the V&A
* Michael "Atters" Attree on the nautical moustache
* Idle columnist Tom Hodgkinson contrasts the elegant pastime of punting with the obnoxious task of rowing
* An interview with svelte retro crooners the Puppini Sisters
* The fascinating life of Stede Bonnet - real 18th century gentleman pirate who bought his way on to the high seas
* Neil J Ridley on the great sporting drinkers of yesteryear
* The Chap Questionnaire: Wayne Hemingway, doyen of Vintage at Goodwood
* We step aboard the Royal Yacht and find out what kind of sofa the Queen likes to lounge about on
* Fleur de Guerre has a new frock named after her and wears it to attend a vintage motoring festival
* Gustav Temple says farewell to Sebastian Horsley, the last of the English dandies
* Plus: the Sartoracle, Am I Chap?, the great Churchill airbrushed cigar scandal and Barak Obama smoking a pipe