The Chap Magazine Issue 51 -

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Issue 51 JUN/JULY 2010

The Chap's June-July issue esentially sets out to reclaim the male sartorial territory idly leased out to the ladies in the previous edition:
" A detailed look inside the dressing room of that most fastidious royal, Edward VIII
" Matthew Howard on the evolution and eventual decline of English cricket whites
" The dandiacal approach taken by the high priests of a Brazilian form of voodoo, Quimbada
" Michael "Atters" Attree on the paranormal moustache
" New idle columnist Tom Hodgkinson on a meeting with the remarkable David Hockney - artist, clothes horse, raconteur and chain smoker
" An extraordinary insight into the life of Vivian Mackerell, upon whom the eponymous character in Withnail and I was based
" Neil J Ridley on the surprisingly superb whiskies pouring out of Japanese distilleries
" The Chap Questionnaire: Sir Tom Baker - Soho tailor, as opposed to Time Lord
" An interview with philosopher Alain de Botton, in which he puts forward a simple plan to ensure lifelong happiness for Chaps
" Fleur de Guerre straddles a vintage velocipede and attends a Steampunk soiree
" Sebastian Horsley pens a lurid paean to his biggest sartorial and moral influence, Satan
" Plus: the Sartoracle, Am I Chap?, Religious Leaders' dress sense, films, books, news stories