Cast Iron Magazine Issue 01

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What is 'CAST IRON' ?

Since 1945 in France, a distribution monopoly forces press to remain national and implies a tremendous waste of paper : the amount of printed magazines has to be about three times the amount of the expected sales! We try to avoid that waste by printing for the global scene what is just needed for it, and we do it ourselves. We're independant, and it allows us to explore all the fields we want to investigate!

'Contra-culture' said someone? Definitely! That term was born in the sixties, was followed by 'D.I.Y' and 'crossover' in the following decades. That's what 'CAST IRON' is all about : pop culture, a cool mix of past fragrance and nowadays' colors, a 4-stroke beat which is common to both cast-iron engines and rock'n'roll.
Or in other terms : Lifestyle . Automotive . Motorcycle . Fun.

In this issue:

-U.K Nostalgia Drags
-Tim Bowmans Chevrolet Gassers '55 & '56
-"Practical Mirror" - Harley Shovelhead
-The Jim Jones Revue
-Carl Frith's Ford 33 Hemi
-Denis Sire At War
-Bianca Diamond
-Fast & Curious
-Julian Balme's Lincoln '54 & Art Work
-H9 Danny's '40 Triumph
-The Lords Of Altamont
-The Von Stripers Speedshop

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