KONST. Tryckplåt till Van Gogh 'Outskirts of Paris'. Unik!

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KONST. Tryckplåt till Van Gogh 'Outskirts of Paris'. Unik!

Copper halftone printing plate of an 1887 year oil painting by Vincent van Gogh. The painting's name is "On The Outskirts of Paris" and was painted by van Gogh during his stay in Paris in France during the Spring 1887. Extremely good quality! Unique!

Picture 1: The printing plate from the front side, partly also showing the hardwood base on which the plate is mounted. The printing plate measres 16 x 12,5 cm. The thickness (with the hardwood base) is 2 cm.

Picture 2: A photo of the original work.

Also see the Van Gogh Gallery web site:


(The drawing itself is today located in a private collection).

Fantastic object!