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BROTHERS GRIMM, ANDERSEN tales... in tibetan lang., SNOW WHITE, CINDERELLA, 2012

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Illustrated book for children in tibetan language


Several illustrated stories:

Brothers Grimm - Snow White (Painting: Gao Yan)

Brothers Grimm - The Frog Prince (Painting: Li Quanhua)

Brothers Grimm - Town Musicians of Bremen (Painting: Wang Hongxiang)

Brothers Grimm - Cinderella (Painting: Gao Yan)

Brothers Grimm - Little Red Riding Hood (Painting: Jiwei Jing)

Brothers Grimm - The Brave Little Tailor (Painting: Jiwei Jing)

Brothers Grimm - Rapunzel (Painting: Jiwei Jing)

Wilhelm Hauff - The Story of Little Muck (Painting: Chen Ming)

Wilhelm Hauff - The Marble Heart (Painting: Lu Yuanlin)

Alexander Pushkin - The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish (Painting: Zhao Long Yi)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Ugly Duckling (Painting: Lan Duan)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Little Match Girl (Painting: Jiwei Jing)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Princess and the Pea (Painting: Jiwei Jing)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Painting: Pan Baokuo)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Wild Swans (Painting: Li Xinhua)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Emperor's New Clothes (Painting: Lingyun Zhi)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Nightingale (Painting: Xu Xia)

Hans Christian Andersen - The Little Mermaid (Painting: Dinghua)

Antony Pogorelsky - Black hen (Painting: Wan Changping)

Three golden apples (painting: Wang Zhongliang)

Christian Unger – The Piggy story (Painting: Zhao Ji)

Nathaniel Hawthorne - Banshee head (Painting: Yang Jie Jia Peng)

Paul de Musset - Mr. Wind and Mrs. Rain (Painting: Shanghai Dong Liu Xin)

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