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Pippi Långstrump, Karlsson på taket-Tibetanska-2012 LINDGREN

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Book for children in tibetan language


2012 - USED BOOK

Several illustrated stories:

Astrid Lindgren - Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Langstrumpf) (Painting: Wang Jintai)

Astrid Lindgren - Karlsson på taket (Karlsson vom Dach) (Painting: Sun Daming)

Tsubota Joji - Fox and Grapes (Painting: Yao Yanlin)

Christoph Jansen - Elf Hat (Painting: Guan shouxìn ling ling)

Clive S. Lewis - The magical wardrobe of Narnia, the mythical country (Painting: Sun Yu)

Gianni Rodari - The Adventures of the Little Onion (Painting: Qiao Ling Jin Gexiao Chen)

Gianni Rodari - Lies adventures (Painting: Dong Xiaoming, Wang Xiaoming)

Gianni Rodari - Come out of the big cake (Painting: Jin Bin Chi Jinghua)

Gianni Rodari - The small Tai Laisuo refused to grow up (Painting: Dinghua)

Gianni Rodari - Una viola al Polo Nord (Painting: Qiuzhao Ming)

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