MÄRVEL - Warhawks Of War - CD -

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Few can debate that since about the mid nineties, Scandinavians have been churning out American-style rock and roll better than most Americans. Sewergrooves, Gluecifer, The Hives, The Hellacopters--the list goes on and on. Attempting to carve their niche in the Scand-American rock market, Sweden's Märvel have just released their third long-player, the hilariously named Warhawks of War. A decent piece of old school rock, whether or not it proves the continued dominance of outsourced American rock is debatable. Certainly taking inspiration from all of the aforementioned bands, Märvel play good, old-fashioned, '70s styled hard rock. Great solos, catchy choruses, and funny lyrical concepts more or less define Warhawks....

The only major drawback is that while the band is talented and has delivered a solid album, their work is almost too derivative of those they've followed. In fact, their sound is so close to High Fidelity-era onwards Hellacopters that many of the tracks feel like outtakes and leftovers from Nick Royale's writing sessions. Sure, that could be looked at as a compliment considering Royale's penchant for quality song writing, but without their own unique twist, the band is ultimately doomed to be forgotten.

Track List
01 Hello!
02 Bank of lights
03 T.n.h.
04 Whispering eye
05 A hobby that got out of hand
06 The effort
07 Beaten path
08 Blood harmony
09 Killer porn dungeon
10 Good times
11 Tiger by the tail
12 Preaching to the choir