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Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars (Ny & Download Kod)

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Solve, create and share brain-teasing puzzles

Tap the toys to make them march. Build bridges or move elements around to get them to the exit safely.

The puzzles start simple and get more complex as you go. New elements such as blocks, springs, and moveable pipes will start to appear…

Do really well to earn gold trophies that unlock challenging bonus levels.

Save the toys
Solve puzzles and save the Minis by getting them to the exit in more than 80 different levels.

Start Building
Become a puzzle mastermind by crafting levels with materials you earn by playing the game. The in-game tools make it fun and easy.

Spend those stars
You'll earn stars in the game that you can use to get new items in the Workshop Store. One day, you might even earn enough to unlock Gold Mini Mario.

Share the fun
Once you've built a level, share it with your fellow fans in the Community on Miiverse™. It's as easy as tapping the "Share" button.

Tipping stars
Show appreciation for great puzzles by tipping the creators with stars, which can be used to get cool new items!