Driving the transition to sustainable shopping.


At Tradera, we believe that consumption has a large impact on our planet. We are determined to use what we control – our business, our voice, our creativity, and our platform to do something about it.

  • Provide the best sustainable shopping experience
    We believe that people deserve a smooth way to care about the planet. We will provide a safe, easy, engaging and beautifully designed shopping experience for our users. Combining state-of-the-art technology and a huge, rich offering of pre-loved goods, we strive to exceed user expectations.

  • Drive change in consumers' buying habits
    Shopping is fun, we know. We are not saying no to shopping, but we are saying yes to smart, sustainable shopping. We want to make people aware of how our consumption today impacts our environment and help them make more sustainable choices for their shopping needs.

  • Be sustainable in every way 
    Our business model is all about sustainability, but we will do more. We want to promote sustainable initiatives that meet our cause at all levels - from strategic collaborations, down to how we can make our daily life at the office more planet-friendly. With strong leadership commitment and widespread employee engagement, we want to take sustainability to the next level in all aspects of our business.

  • Stay creative & curious in everything we do
    We believe in constant learning, a growth mindset and to cherish creativity while still having a business focus. In order to drive change, we need to stay curious, work as one team and always put our users first.