Super Nintendo Controller Mug

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Take a break from Epic gaming bouts with this fun and nostalgic tribute to one of the greatest gaming console controllers ever made. A stylish design featuring a patterned array of instantly recognisable super Nintendo controllers, the senses controller mug is the perfect gift for any gamer, and a great way to enjoy a drink with a true icon of the 16-bit era.

Featuring softer, curved edges compared to the original nes controller, the senses LED the way for sleek controller design, influencing the gaming controllers still in use today. The senses, (super Nintendo entertainment system) was Nintendo's second home console after the original nes (Nintendo entertainment system), and is one of the best loved and biggest selling consoles in gaming history.

A legend in the industry, the senses was first released in Japan in 1990 and produced some of the most iconic gaming franchises still going today, including super Mario, super Mario Kart, the legend of Zelda, and the classic Metroid series. A standard sized mug featuring a snakes controller decal complete with the iconic Blue, red, green and yellow buttons, the senses console mug is an Nintendo product.

  • Take a break with a legend of the 16-bit era!
  • Great gift for gamers of all ages
  • Iconic SNES controller design
  • Standard sized drinking mug (capacity 300ml)