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French cdR promo in promo paper sleeve with biography on theback cover

Formed in 1990, Disbelief is a Gross-Umstadt, Germany-baseddeath metal group. The quintets tenth full-length studio album, TheSymbol Of Death, was released in 2017. The album contains 13 brutaldeath metal tracks. Imagine yourself being crushed by a throng ofstomping giant elephants, this is how it feels when listening toDisbelief´s massive, torturous, bombastic war-like death metalsound. The full throttle is on and it feels like a sonic assault onyour ears. It is heavy, brutal and uncompromising with a hell of agroove. The Symbol Of Death proves to be a monster, first gutturalsignature vocals, precise and bloodthirsty double bass drums,backed up by a colossal wall of thickly produced face-meltingguitars. Lyrically speaking, the track "Rest In Peace" deals withthe death of the father of vocalist Karsten Jäger from cancer,while the song "One By One" is dedicated to Nazi-hunter SimonWiesenthal. The overall production is heavy, groovy, crispy andjust as a piece of decent death metal should sound anno 2017. Thebeautiful cover artwork duties fell to Eliran Kantor (Testament,Soulfly….). The cover artwork shows two statues blessing eachother, and betraying and stabbing each other in the back with theother hand at the same time, a hypocritical blessing. There isdefinitely something to The Symbol of Death that makes me pleased.Especially recommended for fans of Obituary, Death, Atheist Jokeetc. However comparisons and descriptions are not proper herebecause Disbelief have its own recognizable sound that has beenaround for more than 25 years.

Track list:
1. Full Of Terrors
2. The Unsuspecting One
3. The Symbol Of Death
4. Embrace The Blaze
5. To Defy Control
6. Rest In Peace
7. Evil Ghosts
8. One By One
9. Nothing To Heal
10. The Circle
11. Into Glory Ride
12. Shattered
13. Anthem For The Doomed

Condition cover: nm

Condition cd:nm

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