Tradera's Buyer Protection

Tradera's buyer protection helps you as a buyer get your money back if the seller does not complete the deal after you have paid or if the item does not match the description.

For Swedish members, buyer protection is optional for all payment methods except Klarna.

For members from other countries, buyer protection is always mandatory.

What are the conditions for obtaining buyer protection?

You can opt for our buyer protection if you pay by card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Swish where Traderas is listed as the recipient.

Buyer protection cannot be opted out if you pay with Klarna or PayPal

Buyer protection costs SEK 5 + 5% of the item's cost, max. SEK 750 Applies regardless of whether you have chosen invoice or partial payment

How do I use my buyer protection?

If you paid with Klarna or PayPal, the dispute needs to be started from your Klarna or PayPal account.

Read more about how to start a dispute here

Frequently asked questions about buyer protection

Why should I have buyer protection, does the right of withdrawal apply?

Right of withdrawal only applies if you shop from a company. The majority of all deals on Tradera are between two private individuals.

What can I do if I haven't received my item and I don't have buyer protection?

When you bought from a private person, you need to contact the seller to resolve the situation. If the seller does not respond or if you cannot agree on a solution, you can report that there was a problem with the transaction by looking for the item among your purchases and leaving a negative review.

When you report a problem with the item, our security department will review the seller's account, however, we will not be able to help you get financial compensation from the seller if you do not have buyer protection.

What can I do if the item is not as described and I lack buyer protection?

You can contact the seller and describe the problem to see if you can come to a common solution. We recommend being calm and matter-of-fact in the contact as it is probably not deliberate on the part of the seller.

Keep in mind that it can also be damage during shipping, and if this is the case, you can also contact the forwarder for compensation. Some freight forwarders require that the person who bought the freight advertises the item, so sometimes it is necessary for the seller to get in touch.

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