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The Log of the “Cutty Sark”

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The Log of the “Cutty Sark", av Basil Lubbock (First edition 1924. This is a reprint 1974). This is the well-known volume that brought the famous clipper and her celebrated master to the notice of the sea-loving public.

A history of the famous tea and wool clipper, Culty Sark, the most interesting sailing ship still afloat, considered to have been the fastest of all the clippers. The book is compiled from her log books, her captain's abstracts and information received from those who served aboard her, and from those who served aboard her rivals, or were connected with her in some way or other.

One chapter, "A Hell-Ship Voyage", is more full of dramatic incident than any sea story by Clark Russel, and it gives the true details of a tragedy which Joseph Conrad has woven into one of his fascinating books. The illustrations, which are very numerous, are mostly taken from old photographs. The scale plans of her lines, midship section and sail area should enable any model enthusiast to construct a correct representation of the famous ship without any difficulty. In the appendix will be found not only the scantlings of Cutty Sark and her great rival Thermopylae, but the spar measurements of such well-known clippers as Ariel, Titania, Spindthrift, Hallowe'en and Normancourt, whilst even the sizes of the Cutty Sark standing, running and stunsail rigging are given.

This book is for the die-hard fan of nautical history. It takes a blow by blow account of Cutty Sark's construction, voyages, and ultimate fate.

In several places Lubbock quotes directly from the abstract log, in others, he extrapolates data based on other ship's logs, hearsay, and interviews with former captains and crew. This leads to an interesting blend of ships times, weights, and compass coordinates with splashes of sailing stories and near-death experiences.

If you are intimidated by nautical jargon, this book is not for you. Lubbock is writing for his sea-loving colleagues and contemporaries, not for landlubbing 21st century suburbanites. As such, you may want to keep a nautical dictionary close by. I usually referred to my "Nautical Terms Glossary" app and/or Wikipedia when I didn't know what was going on.

It is obvious from the text that Lubbock cares a great deal about preserving and telling the stories of great sailing ships. We have him to thank for compiling this data in one place. My only minor quibble is that I wished he had flushed out a few more primary source documents before making some of his claims. Though, finding these documents today is considerably easier than when he wrote this book nearly a hundred years ago.

If you are interested in the Cutty Sark and/or maritime history you should definitely give this one a read. Also, be sure to follow "Cutty Sark Log" on Twitter: This account tweets through the ship's log in real time.

Den inbundna boken (linneklotband) i förlagets dekorerade pärmar är helt ny och i ganska nära nyskick. Minimal, mjuk intryckning på bokryggens nedre kant. Den är illustrerad med svartvita fotografier, reproduktioner och ritningar. Några ark är utvikbara till större format.

Här kommer detaljerna:

Höjd/bredd ca 245/185 mm
Ryggbredd ca 32 mm
Vikt ca 980 gram
Sidantal 332
Författare Basil Lubbock
Förlag Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd, Nautical Publishers, Glasgow
Utgivningsår 1974
Språk engelska

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