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Beskrivning: Ny, fortfarande plastad bok.

"Ornamentation is a modus operandi for communication, for providing dimension, texture, pattern, depth, and spirit—it is a way to liven up space, to create complementary conditions, to move the eye and break up surfaces, to bring illusion or entropy, to embellish and give richness to surfaces and materials and objects." —Karim Rashid

Exploring computer graphics in the use of two- and three-dimensional decoration is the aim of this project by designer Karim Rashid. Divided into five parts by theme (SYMBOLIK, IKONIK, GRAPHIK, OPTIKAL, and INFOSTETHIK), Digipop showcases Rashid`s colorful, geometrical patterns both as simple designs and as applied to three-dimensional objects such as clothing, figures, and abstract shapes. Created over the last ten years for architectural products, objects, art shows, and gallery and museum installations, these designs, graphics, and icons are meant, says Rashid, "to suggest, inspire, consider, criticize, document, represent, symbolize and energize the worlds of the decorative, from objects to fashion, textile, and space."

Författare: Rashid, Karim
Förlag: Tashen
Bandtyp: Häftad
Antal sidor: 272, färg
Utgivningsår: 2005
ISBN: 973-3-8228-4085-6