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HP R/T3000 G2 2U L620 High Voltage NA/JP Uninterruptible Power System

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You are bidding on a 6 year old Battery Backup PSU from HP. Purchased new from server/computer hardware company in Norway for 32000NOK inclusive MVA. Goes cheap as it take a lot of space. Not used the last 5 years. Been used only one year.

It has newer failed one time to swish to batteries on power burnout. Very reliable and trusted battery backup.

Runs a 24pc HDD (48TB) storage server, including one 24port Fiber-switch, one Router and one DELL backup server for approx 70 minutes before critical.

Has the option to run in unlimited series with any otter brand. Been stored in temp newer lower than 20C so batteries are
in 100% good condition. Tested and verified 100% good condition yesterday.
This item is shown on the picture as the number two unit from down and up. Its the one with some yellow color and HP brand sticker. The otter items can be found here at on my profile.

Approx weight are 35-37 kilograms.

Online PDF

Some text copied out of the online PDF:

The industry leading HP R/T3000 Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) packs up to 3000 watts into a space saving 2U design. ProvenDigital Signal Processor (DSP) provides clean, reliable power protection in an energy efficient transformer-less design while reducinggenerated heat.The HP R/T3000 UPS includes a Rack to Tower Conversion Kit for non rack applications outside the data center. In thisconfiguration the HP R/T3000 can provide powerful protection to multiple tower servers as well as tower Blade Enclosures such asthe HP c3000 BladeSystem.In addition, Extended Runtime Modules (ERM) are available to increase battery run time during a power outage. ERMs can be usedin both rack mount and tower configuration with the HP R/T3000 UPS.