Dance Today - Active Lifstyle Makeover - Samba - ny och inplastad DVD.

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When life becomes a bit too predictable and routine drains you of excitement, it´s time to let the magic of dance carry you beyond your current horizons. Discover new ways to move, to look, to find friends, to stay in shape, and to shake off stress. Dance is a language: Tell your story and celebrate your true self through sensual, feminine movement. Even if you learn just a few steps, dance will always be with you, a sparkling new facet to the precious gem that is YOU.

Learn two fun and elegant Brazilian samba dances with Quenia Ribeiro and Quenia´s band, Grupo Ribeiro!

Samba is Brazil´s gift to the world, the Brazilian nation´s renowned dance and music. Like Brazil itself, samba is a joining of many cultural influences, with portions from Africa, Europe, as well as from the indigenous people of the Brazilian region of South America. Developed in Bahia and brought to Rio de Janeiro by Brazilians of African descent, samba has been embraced across Brazilian society.

There are many different styles of samba music and dance in Brazil. In this instructional DVD Quenia Ribeiro teaches the sexy exciting samba from Rio. Quenia demonstrates the basic footwork of samba and then breaks down the movements into concise, understandable steps that anyone can follow.

The next section in the DVD focuses on 2 choreographed routines featuring the style known as "Samba No Pe."

Rio´s famous Carnaval is celebrated annually preceding Lent. The Escolas De Samba (samba schools) are community-based organizations, that create the music, dance, costumes and world-renowned floats of the Carnaval parade. In addition to the musicians (bateria), the parade is comprised of "alas"(wings). Many wings you will see when you visit the Carnaval of Rio follow choreographed dance routines just like the ones demonstrated on this DVD.


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Dance Today - Active Lifstyle Makeover - Samba (DVD)


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