Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga Trilogy - ny och inplastad DVD.

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Engelskt tal. Ej text. 180 minuter. 3 DVD.


Hollywoods hottest yoga trainer to the stars, Mark Blanchard, will lead you through a dynamic and powerful workout guaranteed to change your body and perception of yoga.

Shot in Los Angeles, this upbeat, make-you-sweat video series is divided into three routines that will help you lose weight, increase energy and longevity, and firm up your body. Its not only the ultimate mind/body workout, its the only total mind/body regime of its kind that can provide you with better health benefits for the rest of your life.

Each DVD showcases a different, invigorating workout, containing 60 minutes of high energy, flowing, standing postures followed by 30 minutes of abdominal training, balance poses and deep cool down stretches.

The three exhilarating routines, performed in rotation, will continue to challenge your body and mind with a variety of strengthening and body sculpting positions, ensuring that your workout regime results dont plateau. Since your body adapts to exercise within 6-8 weeks, you need to vary your routine frequently, or youll stop seeing strength and fat burning benefits very quickly from just one repetitive workout.

Each remarkable workout motivates you to push your threshold a little further, and works the entire body, from head to toe-and from inside out. You will be focusing on your core muscle groups, like the abdominals, to stabilize and balance yourself for the entire session, so your abs will get one of the best workouts ever! Rather than labeling his workouts as being for beginners or advanced students, Mark urges all fitness levels to enjoy each tape, and to make genuine, long-lasting improvements in re-shaping the body and improving mental focus at each individuals own pace.

Research from Adelphi University in New York shows that an exerciser can burn the same amount of calories in one hour of flowing Power Yoga - about 400-500 calories - as they can running an 11-minute mile, in-line skating or kickboxing for an equal duration. Yoga is not only a significant calorie-burner; its also a weight-bearing exercise (like lifting weights), so it creates stronger bones, leaner, non-bulky muscles and a faster, more efficient metabolism.

Mark Blanchards Progressive Power Yoga series is much more than an exercise regimen; it is an inspiring introduction to modern Ashtanga yoga for students of all levels and ages-the ultimate mind/body workout.


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Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga Trilogy (DVD)


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