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Lab mikroskop Nikon Alphaphot-2 YS2-H

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Nästan nyskick, med original plast fodral/skydd, instruktioner, mikroskopglas och täckremsor. Privat ägare i Kristianstad, Skåne. E-post med frågor

The Nikon Alphaphot 2 is a lower-cost, 1990s-era laboratory microscope that features a finite optical system. The CF lenses (the standard is a quadruple revolver: 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x) with which it is equipped, exhibit a very low degree of chromatic aberrations. In general, the microscope is both extremely sturdy and very well manufactured. The condenser, an Abbe type, additionally features an aspheric lens. The built-in aperture diaphragm allows the user to increase contrast and resolution. Another important benefit is that a wide range of accessories were offered for the Nikon Alphaphot 2 series, some of which are still available (lenses, eyepieces, etc.).

As a result, the Alphaphot 2 can be equipped for a wide range of microscopy techniques, such as phase contrast, dark field, fluorescence, polarized light and epi-illumination microscopy.