The Angel Oracle channeled from the Angels of Light. A part of the GRACE-process

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The Angel Oracle is an inspiring system from "the Heavens"!

The Angel Oracle method has been channeled from the great Angel Sargolais by Andrew Ramer.

The Oracle has 44 cards. 3 categories: 4 Archangels, 16 angels and 24 advice cards for psychic counceling and angel readings! These cards are a wonderfull complement to dowsing, Tarot, I Ching and so on!

The original cards have been painted with aquarell colors to mimic the etherial and light bodies of the angels.The artist has studied arts and meditation at Maharishi Art Academy and is a psychic healer.

The Angel Oracle is property of Andrew Ramer and is being sold in this limited edition with his permission.

Andrew Ramer called the cards "Delightfull!"

Notice: You need the book for the english text to understand the oracle: Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie and Andrew Ramer. Ballantine books.

The book Ask Your Angels has the explanation for the whole oracle and how the angels work with you from the higher dimension and level of consciousness than our "every day mind".

The Angel oracle is a part of GRACE-process which activates the art of dreaming and day dreaming, -theta & delta levels of the mind & brain.

The Angel Oracle text has been translated to swedish and finnish by the artist. See her other advertisements.

The book has great meditations too!! They connect you to Mother Earth and open the channel to the Heavens.

Please do notice that these cards are (to my knowledge) the only cards connected to this particular angel oracle and book!

(Artist´s notice:

A being with wings is a SYMBOLIC picture of being from higher dimensions so called Heavens. The North American indians called them for bird tribe or even cloud people. Some cultures have painted these beings as STARS. The multiverse is filled with a myriad of beings...Go inside yourself and find out!)