Nitus And The Rollin' Dice - Way Down To Graceland - CD

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Since 2009 the Nitus & The Rollin' Dice have been rockin' out their Rockabilly sound, mixing original material with 50s cover songs. With great talent and enthusiasm, the band mixes rockin' styles, authentic arrangements and some neo-Rockabilly style.
Finally the time has come to capture the rockin' sounds of Nitus and The Rollin' Dice onto this great CD release.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Way Down To Graceland
3. Real Bad News
4. Old Record Machine
5. Rollin' Dice
6. That's What I Love
7. Folsom Prison Blues
8. Hold On Tight
9. Nyomd A Gazt
10. The Reason Why
11. Truck Drivin' Man
12. Keep On Rockin'
13. The Reason Why