Brain Failure - American Dreamer - CD

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China's seminal punk rock band, BRAIN FAILURE sings in English and Mandarin, belting melodic, upbeat ditties about politics, parties and Anarchy in the P.R.C. BRAIN FAILURE's power-packed lineup is: Xiao Rong on lead vocals and guitar, Wang Jian on guitar, Shi Xudong on bass, and Xu Lin on drums.
As the first generation of Chinese musicians since the 1949 Communist Revolution to grow-up in relative political stability, economic prosperity, and exposure to western popular culture, BRAIN FAILURE is influenced by bands like Operation Ivy, Sex Pistols, and The Clash.

BRAIN FAILURE were the first musicians in the People's Republic of China to shave Mohawks and belt-out the dissonant sounds of revolution over power-chords, in the late 1990's. Appearing on China's first punk compilation, Wuliao Jundui, they soon started a punk rock revolution in the P.R.C.. BRAIN FAILURE has inspired an entire generation of Chinese youth, and an evolving punk and hardcore scene that is growing around the country. BRAIN FAILURE has since become the first Chinese punk band to release their album and tour widely on the international scene.

1. That?s What I Know
2. Stay Free
3. Second Hand Logo
4. Played
5. Coming to the USA
6. Fun and Fight Tonight
7. Holy Bullshit
8. Summer Afternoon
9. 8899
10. Give Me the Cash
11. Oi! Man
12. Human
13. Such a Dangerous
14. Hangout Tonight
15. Come Together
16. New York City PEOPLE LIKE YOU