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Tapping World Summit - Expert interviews & tapping exercises (EFT)

27 nov 15:36
295 kr
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A set of CDs from the 11th Annual Tapping World Summit hosted by the Tapping Solution. Experts sharing the use of tapping, i. e. EFT, to deal with wellbeing and progression in life, money and business. There are interviews, tapping and coaching exercises to support healing and expansion in these areas.

Introduction to Tapping by founder Nick Ortner
Introduction: The Science to it all by Dr David Feinstein

Day 1 - Jessica Ortner
Tapping into body confidence: The key to unlocking your weight loss struggles.

Day 1 - Dr Kim D’Eramo
Releasing Anxiety: Ussing tapping to let go of the paralysis of anxiety.

Day 2 - Cheryl Richarson
Learning to love: healing the internal critical voice that holds us back.

Day 2 - Iyana Vanzant
The power of radical forgiveness: How to forgive everyone for everything.

Day 3 - Jack Canfield
How to target and release the blocks that are impeding your success.

Day 3 - Carol Look
Ending the self-sabotaging behavior that blocks successes.

Day 4 - Marget Lynch
Clearing debt: Eliminating the emotional burden of debt to allow you to move forward.

Day 4 - Alex Ortner
How to use tapping to improve clarity, focus and productivity to create the success you deserve.

Day 5 - Julie Schiffmenn
From diagnoses to hope: Releasing the tension and stress of a health challenge.

Day 5- Nick Ortner
A faster solution: understanding and healing pain and illnesss.

Day 6 - Dr Christiane Northrup
Deep into the heart: Healng your relationship with your mother.

Day 6 - Alina Frannmk & Dr Craig Weiner
Reigniting the flames: The secret to moving beyond a relationship slump.

Day 7 - Nick Ortner
Manifesting your greatest self: Using tapping to bring out the greatness within you.

Day 8 - Brad Yates
Making peace with the past: From resentment and regret, to forgiveness and freedom.

Day 8 - Gene Monterastelli
Managing Anger: Discover how to best experience, prevent and release anger.

Day 9 - Carol Tutttle
Whose energy is it? Using tappng to release negative energy from others.

Day 9 - Dr Dawsonn Church
Scientific Research: Inspiring proof that tapping is changing the physiology of your brain and body.

Day 10 - Jessica Ortner
Creating lasting change: How to get unstuck and create change with ease.

Day 10 — Ester Nicholson
The addiction behind the addiction: Tapping to overcome the bondage of addictions.

Bonus Day - Jessica Ortner
Integration progress and personal peace procedure.

Tapping Meditations - Ten tapping meditations to go along with each day.

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