Silk Screen Printing Tabletop Carousel

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TITAN 2/1 Upgradeable Tabletop Carousel Kit

Titan is a sturdy and robust yet space saving, practical carousel with micro registration. With it's large centre bearing and shaft it rotates like a dream to send you into orbit!

Our new 2 Colour upgradeable carousel kit, print 2 colour designs and upgrade later by adding additional printing arms to print 4 colours.
All of the equipment in this kit is compatible for printing onto fabric, t-shirts, sweatshirts, Hoodies, paper/board, card, wood, other flat products and also produce your own plastisol transfers!

Description / Features / Specifications

Holds screen size up to 23" x 31" when all screens are in place.
Large centre bearing and shaft for stability and accuracy.
Rotating Screen Clamps for accurate registration
Each arm has off contact adjuster.
A3 Adjustable screen printing board.
Mild steel box tubing base, powder coated.
Adjustable Registration Gate for accurate registering 2 colour prints up to 4 colour prints