The Rhythm and Harmony of the Roy Kay Trio finds the trio sticking to its vintage guns on its fourth album.
Once again, the always drummer-less trio featuring the talents of rhythm guitarist/lead vocalist Roy Kay, lead guitarist/vocalist Mike Geglia, and upright bassist/vocalist Robin Cady delivers a set of old-school rockabilly originals.
The tracks, all written by Kay, are sweet little pop nuggets of urbane roots rock that should appeal to fans of '50s-era rock & roll.
That said, while Kay has always had a knack for hummable, twang-inflected foot tappers, here he has expanded some of his purest tendencies to include some nifty chord progressions and sonic touches that also hint at early-'60s pop.
The Rhythm and the Harmony of the Roy Kay Trio is pure class.
~Matt Collar, All Music Guide

Track listing:
Side A:
1 Why Even Try
2 Starlight Alone
3 Everyone s In Love
4 She s Trouble
5 Heart That Beats With Mine
6 Young And Foolish
7 Goodbye Romance

Side B:
1 Endless Night
2 Hearts Unknown
3 New Girl
4 Feelin Down
5 So Tired
6 What She d Love To Hear
7 Wonder

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