British 20th Century badge bundle-3 badges circa 1930s/1940s (Combined weight: 11g)

This listing is for 3 vintage 20th Century badges from Great Britain circa 1930s/1940s

All of the badges are used and all are in very good condition for their age as shown in the listings pictures

The first badge is a A.C. Centenary button badge in the shape of a star that measures 2.3cm x 2cm

The second badge is a Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938 which is rectangular-shaped and has a pin on the rear for fastening

The badge is silver, red and blue coloured and measures 1.6cm x 9mm

The third and final badge is a Navy League 'Keep Watch' Royal Navy WW2 and is made by
D.Lewis Badges Birmingham

The badge's pin on the rear doesn't fasten and it measures 2.4cm x 1.8cm

All 3 badges will be sold together as one lot

**I can ship worldwide but please contact me for postage rates if you live outside of the EU as postage is only shown for Sweden and EU destinations using PostNord**

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