Snakebyte Premium Wireless Nunchuk XS Controller

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Batterierna som medföljer kan eventuelt vara tomma och behöva ersättas, där av vårt låga pris.

The Wireless Motion XS is the enlargement of the Wii remote or the Snakebyte Remote XS. The built-in motion sensor enhances the gaming experience further. Through the wireless connection to the main controller will you'll have more freedom of movement what the game feeling in motion intensive games such as Wii Sports even more increases.

• Wireless connection to the main controller
• State-of-the-art 2.4 GHz wireless technology, virtually lag-free
• Extends your regular Remote XS or Wii™ Remote with two additional buttons, a fully analog thumbstick and an extra motion sensor enhancing the gameplay
• Extra small wireless receiver plugs into the main controller and allows for untroubled gameplay
• External Sync Button and On/Off Switch
• No interference, up to four Wireless Nunchakus can be used simultaneously in multiplayer matches
• This product is not compatible with external Wii Motion Plus adaptor


Denna produkt är inte kompatibel tillsammans med en extern Wii Motion Plus adapter.